INOA Architecture


Brooklyn, NY  USA



In the Fort Green section of Brooklyn, we developed a building design which is made of stacked rectangular boxes which are strategically deformed every floor to accommodate various functions. Facing the street, the ground floor box is distorted to create a canopy condition, the intermediate floors are deformed to direct views and change size of fenestration to create more privacy to bedrooms, the top floor is deformed to create a sloped skylight and a setback roof terrace. The rear facade of the building is more fragmented as multiple apartments and bedrooms share common walls. Top floors of the rear facade are also deformed to introduce terraces. Through these deformations every floor, the overall building form is sculpted cohesively to create a visually unique and yet functional structure.


Design: INOA

Architect: Murat Mutlu

Engineering: Albanna Engineering

Renderings: Pax Brooklyn