INOA Architecture

Apotheco Pharmacy

New York, NY


Apotheco Pharmacy Manhattan is a boutique pharmacy concept with a specialty for dermatological treatment. Unlike the big box pharmacies, Apotheco provides tailored concierge service to its customers through an organized space that is visually and functionally integrated.

The program was separated into public areas including retail and receptionist areas, and private work areas dedicated to the pharmacists. The retail section is cladded with a continuous white glossy assemblage of surfaces which accommodates multiple functions of shelving, logo display, pharmacist counter, illumination, and framed windows. Through folds and continuous linear transitions these surfaces read as one continuous architectural element providing a visual and perceptional cohesion which is quite contrary to what is typically provided in healthcare related environments. Wall surfaces of this continuous system are gradually morphed to create shelving or counter spaces. Back
lit illumination is introduced to highlight the dermatological products. Staggered shelving lengths accommodates various heights of products

Along with its customized service and experience, the design of this boutique pharmacy creates a visually and functionally organized space which improves the wellness of human state.