INOA Architecture


Weehawken, NJ  USA


WHK is a mixed-use project situated on the hills of Palisades in the town of Weehawken with views of the Hudson River.  60 apartments, commercial space and parking spaces are planned on 5 floors.

The building interior and exterior design work together to achieve a cohesive formal and functional organization. The size of each apartment is reflected on the building exterior, and the alternating exterior facade pattern is reflected in the interior floor plans as layouts shift every-other floor. Apartments have recessed balconies with windows positioned at angles to dictate views to Hudson River. Exterior limestone cladding folds into the recessed balconies to blend the recessed balconies into the exterior facade. Offsetting each floor layout at every level, emphasizes horizontality as it breaks the monotone repetition of conventionally stacked apartments. Angled windows and folded facade geometry create a varying perception of the building since the building becomes more porous or opaque depending on the view point from the street level.

Overall, the design of the Project achieves to create a mixed-use environment that has oriented views, expansive outdoors spaces, as well as an architectural building exterior that is the reflection of its interior functional organization.